Getting Your Pipeline in Compliance with the New Standards
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Abraham Louwerse
Abraham Louwerse
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Many years now the ILF designed and engineered new pipelines and transport networks all over the world. In the 40 years of experience the pipeline it self stayed almost the same with some minor changes i.e. new materials, coatings, process controlling and pipeline operations. The one thing that has changed in this pipeline industry is the awareness of safety and environmental of the pipeline owners directed by mandatory rules or public awareness.

During the last years ILF noticed that the pipelines are getting behind with the modern operational processes of Risk Management, Integrity Management etc.

Many pipelines constructed in the last two decades are up to the modern standards but the older ones are very hard to operate and are not easy to assess for certification and preserve the permit to operate. Many of these older pipelines are not piggable, have or had no routine Maintenance, Integrity testing and the documentation over the lifecycle is mostly not up to date or complete.

ILF will present the way they rehabilitated some pipelines and the setup of an attack plan with the important steps to follow in this process of rehabilitation.

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