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ILF Consulting Engineers is an international engineering and consulting firm with over 55 years of experience in the engineering of major industrial and infrastructure projects. The successful completion of complex and challenging projects, requiring truly comprehensive management capability and interdisciplinary engineering expertise, is one of the specific strengths of the ILF Group. With 2600 highly qualified employees at more than 45 office locations across five continents, the companies of the ILF Group have a strong regional presence. At the same time, close cooperation within the network of the ILF Group makes it possible to draw on international experts and make use of their special experience, processes, and tools. With over 6,000 projects successfully completed, the companies of the ILF Group rank among the world's leading engineering firms in their fields of expertise. ILF is active in the following main business areas: Energy & Climate Protection, Resources & Sustainable Industry, Water & Environment, Transportation & Urban Spaces.

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ILF Consulting Engineers

Title Presenter Conference year
Challenges with Hydrogen Blending in Natural Gas Dr. Michael Kasch ptc 2024
Design and Cost Analysis of a Hydrogen Pipeline from Morocco to Central Europe Tin Jurišic ptc 2023
Green Hydrogen for remote areas Tin Jurišic ptc 2022
Continued Considerations on Hydrogen Pipeline Projects in Europe Dr. York Schorling ptc 2023
Hydrogen pipelines in cable routes Jens Kottsieper ptc 2022
The Gypsum Karst of Sivas - Implications for Routing, Construction and Operation of the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Dr. Klaus Robl ptc 2021
Stress Analysis of 100 km Pipeline per Day Dr. Robert Ofner ptc 2021
Considerations on Hydrogen for an ongoing Gas Pipeline project Dr. York Schorling ptc 2021
Multidisciplinary landslide assessment – a systematic and practicable approach for pipeline projects Dr. Christoph Prager ptc 2020
Digitalization projects for the Oil and Gas Industry Michael Barth ptc 2020
The Impact of Geohazards on the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project - TANAP Klaus Robl ptc 2020
Improvement of Project Risk Management - Evaluation and optimization of a project risk management system for major midstream oil & gas projects Tobias J. Baier ptc 2019
Investigation of the influence on the heat transferred from a pipeline to the ground due to the presence of adjacent pipelines using Finite Element Method Dr. Chuan Cheng ptc 2019
Emergency Response For Colombian Crude Oil Pipeline Dr. Michael Kasch ptc 2018
DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) - Pipeline Monitoring and the Blue Color of the Sky Maria Pimentel ptc 2017
How to make a major Pipeline Project bankable – case study TAPI Pipeline Dr. Stefan Bürkle ptc 2017
Underground DC Cable Links - Implementation and Construction Challenges Fred Wendt ptc 2016
Innovations and Technological Developments in Long Distance Water Transmission Systems - Case Study of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Alexander Heinz ptc 2016
Energy Recovery in Crude Oil Pipelines Dr. Thomas Rother ptc 2016
Modularization and Standardization of Pump Station Design Carles Giro ptc 2015
Selection Guide for Pipeline Leak Detection Systems Dr. Michael Kasch ptc 2015
Emission Regulations – Finding the Optimal Retrofit Measure for GT Compressor Drives Markus Rentzsch ptc 2014
Geohazard Evaluation and Constraint Mapping on a Regional Scale: a Practical Approach for Linear Infrastructure Projects Christoph Ladenhauf ptc 2014
Using the Linear Risk Integral (LRI) approach in pipeline QRA for a better application of risk mitigation measures Dr. Urban Neunert ptc 2014
Integrated Cyber and Plant Security Supports Operational Safety Michael Barth ptc 2013
Metering selection approach Andreas Hausmann ptc 2013
SCADA Revamp: The Opportunity to Improve Efficiency, Safety and Legal Compliance Jochen Frings ptc 2012
Value Engineering Approach to increase Cost Efficiency Tobias Walk ptc 2012
Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessment as key element within the plant design Tobias Walk ptc 2011
Enhanced Pipeline Monitoring With Fiber Optic Sensors Jochen Frings ptc 2011
Critical IT-Infrastructure like Pipeline SCADA systems require cyber-attack protection Tobias Walk ptc 2011
Planned and Ongoing Pipeline Projects for Caspian Oil and Gas. A Race between Europe and China? Christian Heinz ptc 2011
New Transport Routes for Oil- and Gas Export out the Caspian Area – Will this Area Become Crucial for the European Energy Supply? Christian Heinz ptc 2010
Technology Update on Leak Detection Systems Tobias Walk ptc 2010
Getting Your Pipeline in Compliance with the New Standards Abraham Louwerse ptc 2010
Applicable Norms and Required Improvements for CO2 Pipelines Christian Heinz ptc 2009
Carbon Dioxide Transport in Pipelines - Under Special Consideration of Safety-Related Aspects Dr. Klaus-Dieter Kaufmann ptc 2008
Controlled Operational Emergency Shut Down Procedures Tobias Walk ptc 2007
Technoeconomic Optimisation of Long Distance Large Capacity Pipelines Lars Bangert ptc 2006
Verification of the Integrity of Existing Pipeline Systems for the Operating Permit Procedure Markus Rieder ptc 2007