Technoeconomic Optimisation of Long Distance Large Capacity Pipelines
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Lars Bangert
Lars Bangert
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The increase in natural gas demand and the ever farther gas reserves from consuming centers are putting increasing pressure on the oil and gas industry to reduce natural gas transmission costs.
The paper will provide an overview of the current technology developments in the pipeline industry predominantly impacting on the economics of large-distance natural gas transmission.
Firstly, the employment of high grade steel will allow increasing pressure and pipeline throughput while reducing the pipe size thus reducing steel and construction costs.
Secondly, pipeline construction techniques are improving in many ways including mechnised welding and trenching technology. These technology advances in pipeline construction will lead to a considerable reduction in man-power requirements and construction time thus reducing overall construction costs.
Finally, in large gas transmission projects the installation of large-scale compressors is also promising a considerable reduction in capital costs per MW required power.

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