Title Presenter Company Conference
AC Interference Case Study: Predicting effects and mitigating risks to pipelines with close proximity to wind power feeder and transmission line networks Joey Gallant United Kingdom Aegion Corrpro Companies Europe Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Analysis of failure causes of pipelines transporting dangerous substances Dr. Rikkert Hansler Netherlands RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Application of risk based methodology to onshore & offshore pipelines Dr. Gundula Stadie-Frohbös Germany Germanischer Lloyd SE Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
CATES (Consequence Assessment Tool for Emergency Situation) Olivier Baldan Norway DNV Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Consequences of a Risk Based Approach for Natural Gas Pipelines G.M.H. Laheij Netherlands Applus RTD Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
Controlled Operational Emergency Shut Down Procedures Tobias Walk Germany ILF Consulting Engineers Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
De-risking Solutions for Pipelines Sanjeev Sinha Germany Siemens Energy Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Demolition of Redundant Oil Pipelines Fouad Mohamed Kuwait Kuwait Oil Company Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Hydrogen enriched natural gas: a critical review on safety and risk analysis on pilot projects Ioannis Kopsacheilis Greece National Technical University of Athens Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Improvement of Project Risk Management - Evaluation and optimization of a project risk management system for major midstream oil & gas projects Tobias J. Baier Germany ILF Consulting Engineers Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Inherent Risks of Transit Pipelines Ralf G. Schwimmbeck United States MEI LLC Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Integral High Standard Pipeline-Control Management Aad Kabel Netherlands Pipeline Control Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Integrated approach to risk and safety – MTO: Including human, organizational and inter-organizational factors Dr. Babette Fahlbruch Germany TÜV NORD Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Managing and Sustaining Sub Sea Pipeline Integrity Risk Against Uncertainties Force of Nature Raja Zahirudin bin Raja Ismail Malaysia PETRONAS Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Managing Risk and Integrity of Aging Gas Transmission Pipeline Arie Wisianto Indonesia PERTAMINA  EP Java Region Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Managing Risks in Construction Projects Dr. Nicolai Ritter Germany CMS Hasche Sigle Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
MARV Multi-Analytic Risk Visualization tool Asle Venas Norway DNV Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Modular Pipeline Risk Assessment Mark Wright United Kingdom MACAW Engineering Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Probability Risk Assessment in Marine Pipelines by Updating Parameters Configuration of Piramid Tool Dr. Jorge González Mexico ESIQIE-IPN (GAID) Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
realSens Detection of Crude Oil Leaks and Implications for Risk Reduction Adrian Banica Canada Synodon Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Recommended practices for the integrity mechanical and risk management in pipelines using the codes ASME and ANSI API Leonardo Espinosa Cortes Mexico Corporacion Mexicana de Investigacion en Materiales SA de CV Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Risk & Reliability Based Fitness For Service (FFS) Assessment For Subsea Pipelines M.Ashri Mustapha Malaysia PETRONAS Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Risk Based Inspection Implementation for A Pipeline Network With Limited Data John L. Tischuk Germany SGS Industrial Services Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Risk Based Pipeline Integrity Management – A Case Study Derek Balmer United States Baker Hughes Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Risk Based Technical Assurance of Deepwater Pipelines Asle Venas Norway DNV Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Risk Reduction of Dropped Objects on Pipelines around Offshore Platforms Henning Bø Norway TDW Offshore Services AS Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Risk-Based Evaluation & Inspection of Ageing Pipeline Networks Ulrich Adriany Germany Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services GmbH Pipeline Technology Conference 2006
Risk-Weighted Based Integrity Management Aad Kabel Netherlands Pipeline Control Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
Risks of Underground Pipelines Transporting Chemicals Dr. Margreet Spoelstra Netherlands RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Siemens-Workshop "De-risking Solutions for Pipelines" Sanjeev Sinha Germany Siemens Energy Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
The Trenchless Technique Horizontal Directional Drilling - Soil Related Risks and Risk Mitigation Dr. Henk Kruse Netherlands Deltares Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Today’s challenges running integrity and risk management for pipelines Dr. Stephan Knoblauch Germany Geomagic Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Transition to more accurate Risk Analysis Fidel Espíndola Cruz Mexico PEMEX Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Tunnel Impact Analyses for Washington DC Clean Rivers Project: Design Build Bidding to Protect Critical Pipelines Dr. Jey Jeyapalan United States Civic Enterprises Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Using the Linear Risk Integral (LRI) approach in pipeline QRA for a better application of risk mitigation measures Dr. Urban Neunert Germany ILF Consulting Engineers Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Utilizing Risk Ranking to Prioritize Pipeline Integrity Management Activities Noraswad Bin Mohamad Daud Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco Pipeline Technology Conference 2014

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