Pipeline Technology Conference 2006

Event Date
Hannover Messe, Hannover, Germany
Conference Program

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Title Author(s)
Analysis of the Long-term Effects of Maintenance Strategies Raúl Trujillo Álvarez, Shuan Ghaderi
Automation and Security Systems for Pipelines Sanjeev Sinha
BP-IPLOCA: Novel Construction Methods - A Business Case for Innovation Luc Henriod
Demonstration of Pipe and Pipeline Integrity by Means of Intelligent Pigging Systems Hans-Joachim de la Camp
EASY PIPE - a New Technology for Trenchless Installation of Large Diameter Steel Pipelines Rüdiger Kögler
EPRG - Research for Pipeline Safety G. Knauf, R. Howard
Geographical Distribution of Oil and Natural Gas Deposits - Different Means of Transportation to the Consumption Centers Hilmar Rempel
Laser Based Leak Detection with Vehicle Mounted Devices Andreas Stabla
Leacking-free Flanges and Shorter Shutdowns, because of New and Innovative Hydraulic Bolting-technologies Patrick Junkers, Alfred Jung
Leak Detection Systems and the Human Factor Hilko den Hollander, Helen Danen
Leak Monitoring in Transportation Pipelines under Highly Transient Operating Conditions Alexey Ippa, Hubert Mäncher, Beatrice Herrmann
Liquid Applied Internal Flow Coatings for Oil Transmission Lines M R McDonnell
Mobile Magnetic Resonance: Nondestructive Testing of Polymer Pipes Alina Adams Buda, Bernhard Blümich
Offshore Application of HFI-Pipes - Production and Properties Dr. Hendrik Löbbe
Optimization and Controlling of Operational Cleaning of Sewer Networks Hasan Cakmak
PE-80 Pipe Systems: 17 Years of Successful Application in the Public Sewer Network of Göttingen Manfred Fiedler
Performance Characteristics of Deterministic Leak Detection Systems Dr. Michael Kasch
Pipeline Route Planning: Analyse Remote Sensing, Ground Movement and GIS Data Udo Wiese, Caroline Rogg
Pipeline-Integrity-Management-System - Quality Assurance for Design, Laying and Operation of Pipelines Dr. Manfred Veenker
PNG, an Innovative System to Transport Gas Economically Dr. Oskar Reepmeyer