Pipeline-Integrity-Management-System - Quality Assurance for Design, Laying and Operation of Pipelines
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Dr. Manfred Veenker
Dr. Manfred Veenker
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The acronym “PIMS” stands for several different assessment procedures. However, a real PIMS exists only if pipeline integrity is evaluated in a safe and comprehensible way and if any need for action is ex-actly shown.
Veenker Engineering Office in Hanover/Leipzig has developed a PIMS which is able to specify the integrity of the pipeline on the one hand (safety) and the necessary action on the other (profitability).
This PIMS determines the failure probability for each influence and summarizes these values for each point of the pipeline. The failure probability of a pipeline built as specified without special distinctive features is in the order of magnitude of 10-15. At individual points (corrosion, road junctions, casing pipes etc.) this value can increase considerably. The limit value of 10-6 cases of failure per kilometre and year is internationally accepted. The procedure thus permits a precise differentiation between necessary action and distinctive features which do not require treatment at least in the short term.
The procedure is used for rehabilitation control and optimisation of upgrading work and for the general proof of integrity of the pipeline network, and in order to determine the need for maintenance work.