Title Presenter Company Country Conference Year
Mitigation of Project Risks by Fluid Dynamic Simulation of Gas Pipe Networks, Pipelines, FSRU Dr. Gerd Kloeppner Siemens Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2023
Pushing the Limit - Pipeline Installation Design Aspects Tim Jaguttis de la Motte & Partner Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Concreting as a Mitigation Activity for Deformed Lines in Subfluvial Crossings Julian Francisco Gamba Gomez Petrotesting Colombia Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
Challenges in the hydraulic simulation of slurry transportation through pipelines Dr. Fabian Proch MMEC Mannesmann Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
Prediction of Leak Mass Rate in High-Pressure Gas Pipeline Fang Yuan National University of Singapore Singapore Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
Simulation of gas crises with hydraulic models Dr. Hugo Calisto European Commission - DG Energy Belgium Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
SAInt - A simulation tool for analyzing the consequences of gas supply disruptions Kwabena Addo Pambour University of Groningen Netherlands Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Investigating the response of rigid pipes with poor haunch support subjected to traffic live load using numerical modelling Saif Alzabeebee University of Brimingham United Kingdom Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
The Influence of Bourdon Effect and Ovalization Effect on The Stress Distribution on Pipe Elbows Diana Abdulhameed University of Alberta Canada Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Comparative study of different fluids flowing in a Supersonic separator used in Subsea Gas Pipeline systems Lokesh Kumar Mylapilli University of Petroleum and Energy Studies India Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Finite element simulation of guided waves to detect product theft from pipelines Salisu El-Hussein University of Aberdeen United Kingdom Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
The application of a hybrid wave and finite element technique to investigate reflected/transmitted power through bends in pipework Andrea Ricci University of Southampton United Kingdom Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Possible Reasons Why Calculations Of Inductive Interference Pipeline Voltages Are Higher Than Conducted Measurements Christian Wahl University of Technology, Graz Austria Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Seismic Analysis of Buried Steel Pipeline Subjected to Ground Deformation with Emphasis on the Numerical Modelling Optimization Gersena Banushi Technical University of Braunschweig Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Overall simulation of German natural gas transmission systems Steven Hotopp TU Clausthal Institut für Erdöl- und Erdgastechnik Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2013