Selection and acceptance criteria for RTTM gas pipeline simulation system: from pilot-project to integration with SCADA
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Eduardo Mercon
Eduardo Mercon, Renata Reis, Caroline Reis
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Nova Transportadora do Sudeste S.A. – NTS is the gas pipeline operator company in the Southeast Region of Brazil, responsible for a 2,060km extension network, consisting of 9 reception points, 48 delivery points, 6 compression stations, and a transport capacity of approximately 70 MSCMD. This network has been recently acquired from Petrobras by Brookfield (NTS controller) and interconnects the most industrialized region of the country to the main offshore production fields of the Brazilian Pre-Salt layer. All the assets are 100% remotely operated from NTS’ Operational Control Center (CCO), located at company's headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. NTS began its operations in July 2021, and as a world-class pipeline operator, it initiated its Real-Time Transient Model (RTTM) implementation project at the beginning of 2022. This project started with the prospecting of companies manufacturing this type of system worldwide. Subsequently, a pilot project was carried out with four of the main suppliers who were interested in validating the performance of their systems. The aim of the project was to evaluate the key functional requirements of an RTTM system, including accuracy, predictive analysis, survival time simulation, PIG and composition tracking, leak detection, software interface and runtime. Therefore, this work aims to present and discuss not only the development of the pilot project and the criteria developed by NTS Operations Department for the selection, but also the defined structure and phases for the implementation of the RTTM and its integration with SCADA. It also outlines the results obtained so far and the expectations for the next steps leading to the completion of the implementation.

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