Verification of the Integrity of Existing Pipeline Systems for the Operating Permit Procedure
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Markus Rieder
Markus Rieder
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In the last 50 years many pipeline systems for the transport of oil products were constructed. Due to the developments in the global oil market there have been a lot of changes in ownership of pipeline systems and the current state of the pipeline systems have to be evaluated.

The construction of the pipeline systems was carried out in accordance with different national and international standards. Due to the improvement of standards this has resulted in additional requirements in technology and safety.

The evaluation of a pipeline system is based on the verification of the integrity of the whole pipeline system including all related pump, block and transfer stations. ILF Consulting Engineers GmbH (ILF) has carried out evaluation of several pipeline systems in Germany and other countries resulting in upgrade to state-of-the-art and enabling these systems to receive unlimited operating permits, so that the pipelines remain approved for oil transport long-term.

The necessary checks and rehabilitations for extension of the operating permit in Germany are described using these pipeline systems as an example.

ILF has prepared the approval applications completely, or partly, including the environmental impact assessments, planning of check and rehabilitation measurements, as well as the construction supervision. Some of the referenced projects are still not completely finalized, so that some of the described measures are still being implemented.