Pipeline Technology Conference 2016

Event Date
Estrel, Berlin, Germany
Conference Program

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Title Author(s)
Air Monitoring project – enhanced pipeline monitoring Vincent Fournier, Diane Michalon
Airborne automatic oil leak detection - A novel approach Eric Bergeron
Asset Integrity Management and the Dilemma of maintenance planning Felix Weise, Florian Dinauer, Peter Wiecha, Christoph Schmidt
Asset Management and Loss Prevention Strategies for Large Diameter Pipelines Pedro Pina
Asset Management of High Pressure Installations: Project GRAID - an innovation project to develop a robotics system for internal inspection of buried pipework Richard Waine, Ian Butt, Wez Little, Gary Senior
Assuring the Integrity of Subsea Pipeline Butt Welds through Design, Construction and Operational Life. Harry Cotton, Istvan Bartha, David Lee
Automated Small Leak Detection from Hazardous Liquid Pipelines Using Multi-Platform Remote Sensing Maria Araujo, Shane Siebenaler, Sue Baldor, Edmond Dupont, Daniel Davila, Samantha Blaisdell
Balancing the Electric Grid with a Dual Drive Centrifugal Pipeline Compressor Stefan Stollenwerk, Arnd Schmücker, Wolfgang Faller, Rainer Kurz, James Neeves
Benefits of a holistic water and drainage information system Malte Martin
Beyond 3D: Extending life of subsea assets by applying advanced simulation and prediction Pawel Michalak, Graham Viecelli
BIL- Germany`s approach to implement a cost-free digging request portal Jens Focke
Cable-less TV-Inspection of Pipelines with Integrated Leak Detection Michael Huainig,Sylvia Petschnig
A Case Study How Reduced Uncertainties of Latest Enhancements in Ultrasonic Wall Measurement ILI Technology Benefit Engineering Criticality Assessments Premysl Kuchar, Albrecht Schmid, Iryna Lachtchouk, Jane Dawson, Martin Tschuch, Thomas Reiter
CATES (Consequence Assessment Tool for Emergency Situation) Olivier Baldan, Espen Funnemark, Asmund Huser, Johan Ingvarson
Challenges to Achieve Reliable Hydrocarbon Leak Detection. Evaluation of Different External Leak Sensing Systems : Existing Technologies vs. New Sensing Cable Technology Stéfan balatchev, Raul Risi
Challenges of Geotechnical Engineering Studies of Pipelines in the Gulf Of Mexico, New Challenges to Pipeline With High Temperature and High Pressure Mireles G M, Trejo N PC, Quej A LM
Challenges in Implementing a Software Based Leak Detection System in a Brownfield Environment Ferenc Péterfalvi , Szilárd Szelmann
Combined wastewater feed directly into final clarification – advantage for receiving rivers Peter Hartwig
Continuous Depth Sizing of ILI Ultrasonic Crack Detection A. Atto, M. Grigat, J. Voss
Crude Oil Pump Stations – Optimization CAPEX + OPEX Gerd Kloeppner