Cable-less TV-Inspection of Pipelines with Integrated Leak Detection
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Michael Huainig
Michael Huainig,Sylvia Petschnig
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Wired TV-inspection quickly reaches its limits in long pipeline sections such as in transport pipelines. The newly developed system “Pipe-Inspector” allows the cable-less and complete optical and acoustic inspection of fluid transporting pipelines without excavation or pipe cutting. Therefore it is ideal for the operation in hard-to-reach pipelines such as at airports, highways, industrial or other access sensitive areas. Battery powered and without cable connection the device floats in the pipeline’s fluid, providing a continuous data stream of long sections up to 50km length in one run, for determining the inspected pipeline's condition without interrupting operation. The specially designed device overcomes 90° bends and may be used in pipelines from DN 100 to DN 3000, regardless of the material. Possible applications are drinking water, wastewater, gas and oil transporting pipelines. It is suitable for open channels as well as for pressure applications. Thanks to a pressure resistance of up to 100bar it may be even used for the inspection of hydropower pipelines e.g. for commissioning inspections. The possibility of detecting non-metallic pipelines by means of Pipe-Inspector is an additional benefit. When used in pressure applications, the device is launched into the pipeline at an existing T-piece, tank or vent by means of a special insertion sluice gate and is removed for data evaluation at a predetermined end point. Video data in HD-quality, including length measurement and meter display combined with an acoustic leakage detection system, allow a precise condition determination and assessment.

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