How to select the right leak detection methods to cover legal and operational requirements
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Maximilian Ihring
Max Ihring, Daniel Vogt
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Leak detection systems are a crucial part in pipeline safety. Unfortunately, general knowledge about these systems is still limited. Due to advantages and limitations of single leak detection technologies the selection process can be difficult – especially when regulation and different operating scenarios have to be considered. Single methods might work well for some standards, regulations and specific operating scenarios while not covering others.

The paper shows how different leak detection methods can be used to fulfill the requirements of regulations and standards such as German TRFL (Technical Rules for Pipelines) or API 1130. The different requirements and special features of these applications for leak detection are described. Furthermore, it also describes how different leak detection technologies can be applied so that pipeline operation during changing operating scenarios such as steady-state, transient or shut-in operation is monitored allowing leak detection during all operating conditions. This is shown by presenting a real project example. Finally, a systematic approach for the leak detection method selection is presented considering application, operational and legal requirements.

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