Optimizing leak detection strategies
Proceedings Publication Date
Joachim Frank Klein
Rene Landstorfer, Joachim Frank Klein
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There are many parameters that determine the quality and abilities of a leak detection technologies. As there is no “one for all” system available that covers all requirements for the different operational modes and pipeline features, decisions must be made which technologies can be used and which combination leads to a maximum in safety and efficiency.

The presentation will cover an overlook on the most common leak detection technologies and their benefits as well as their drawbacks with a focus on the acoustic leak detection pigs of Gottsberg Leak Detection GmbH. They will be classified regarding their potential to fulfill certain points of pipeline regulations like TRFL (Germany) or API 1175 (USA). The most promising combinations of those systems that cover all possible operational modes and all pipeline features will be presented to get an idea about how the safety can be increased.

Additionally there will be an outlook on the savings that can be reached by implementing these technology combinations. This will not only be the savings in loss of product or avoidance of environmental pollution but also underwriting profits and possible economies of other pipeline integrity checks.

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