ROSEN is a leading privately owned company serving the oil and gas industry with inspection, integrity, and rehabilitation products and services. For over 30 years, ROSEN has provided the industry with advanced inspection and integrity solutions to ensure safe and economical operation of a wide range of assets and facilities. The ROSEN Group operates in more than 100 countries and employs over 2,000 people. Founded by Hermann Rosen in Germany in 1981, ROSEN has been headquartered in Switzerland since 2000. In September 2011, ROSEN celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Today, ROSEN not only serves the oil and gas industry but also provides a wide range of sophisticated and innovative products and system solutions to engineering industries such as aerospace, marine, transportation and security. ROSEN also has the expertise and equipment to inspect utility assets such as telecommunication towers, wind turbines, transmission towers, rail wheels and water distribution systems.

Products & Services

  • Pipeline cleaning and inspection services
  • Pipeline cleaning tools, accessories and spare parts
  • Pipeline rehabilitation services
  • Cleaning of tanks
  • Plant & terminal inspection (tanks and other structures in refineries, processing plants, tank farms, etc.)
  • Inspection of utility assets such as telecommunication towers, wind turbines, transmission towers, rail wheels and sea-going vessels
  • Inspection of fresh water systems
  • Standard and customized solutions for a wide range of engineering industries (security devices, intelligent plastic solutions, pipe coating)
  • Integrity management services and software solutions
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All previous conference papers from this company

Topic Presenter Conference
A Multi-level Assessment on Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility Ricardo Almandoz Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Defect Tolerance of the Bond Line of Electric Welded Pipe – Test Data and Fracture Mechanics Assessments Neil Gallon Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Engineering assessment of flexible pipes using ILI data Andrew Burton Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Pinhole Detection with Ultra-High-Resolution Axial Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL-A Ultra) Technology - How the most recent MFL innovation revolutionizes the detection capabilities for previously undetectable threats Johannes Spille Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Using Risk Management to Optimize the Maintenance Plan for Pipelines Gaurav Singh Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Data-Driven Approaches To Pipeline Cleaning Otto Huisman Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
RoCorr MFL-A Ultra – Making the Invisible Visible; How pipeline operators benefit from the highest resolution available in inline inspection Johannes Spille Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Development of Flexible QRA Within a GIS Environment Mark Wright Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Strain Based Assessment of Wrinkles Christopher Holliday Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
The application of pipeline DNA assessment in Europe Matthew Hadden Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Continuous Depth Sizing of ILI Ultrasonic Crack Detection Dr. Marius Grigat Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
In-Line Inspections in Gas Distribution Pipelines with Extreme Operating Conditions Tom Steinvoorte Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Pipeline Monitoring by Intelligent High Performance Elastomer Coatings Dr. Michael Magerstädt Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Reveal your pipeline DNA: Uncover Pipe Grade Uncertainties with ROMAT Thomas Eiken Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Inspection of Challenging Pipelines Dr. Michael Beller Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Long-term Corrosion Protection of Pipelines by High Performance Polyurea Spray Coatings Dr. Michael Magerstädt Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Process Based Validation of Ultrasound Crack Detection Reporting Results Henning Brueske Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Field Experience with Interior Pipe Coatings from High Performance Polyurethane Elastomers Dr. Michael Magerstädt Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Reliable sizing of complex metal loss through combined ILI data sets for internal & external anomalies in gaseous & liquid Johannes Palmer Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Corrosion Growth Analysis - Case Study of MFL-UT Combined inspection Johannes Palmer Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Use of Flexible Data Acquisition on Cleaning Pigs for Offshore Applications Jan van der Graaf Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
UT ILI feature assessment of challenging datasets Dr. Thomas Hennig Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
ATEX Compliant Provision of In-Line Inspection Services Thomas Beuker Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
In-Line Inspection of Multi-Diameter Pipelines: Standardized Development and Testing for a Highly Efficient Tool Fleet Hubert Lindner Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Capabilities of MFL Inspection in DUPLEX Steel Pipelines Hendrik Aue Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
In-Line Inspection Using Combined Technologies - Magnetic Flux Leakage and Ultrasonic Testing and their Advantages Thomas Beuker Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
A Novel EMAT Crack Detection and Coating Disbondment (RoCD2) ILI Technology Hubert Lindner Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Achievement of Long-Term Reliability for Pipeline Systems Holger Hennerkes Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Robotic Inspection Technology - Process and Toolbox Wolfgang Krieg Pipeline Technology Conference 2006