Pipeline Monitoring by Intelligent High Performance Elastomer Coatings
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Dr. Michael Magerstädt
Michael Magerstädt, Thorsten Räth, Rainer Altmeppen, Dirk Larink, Sascha Pargen, Dieter Meendermann, Jie-Wei Chen, Holger Rosenbleck-Schmidt
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Due to the versatile building block chemistry of polyurethane and polyurea, High Performance Elastomers based on these materials can be customized to the requirements of specific applications. A typical example is interior polyurethane wear protection pipe coating in steel pipelines transporting highly abrasive slurries. Unfortunately, wear or damage of these materials, as well as of any polymeric internal coating, hitherto could not be assessed from the outside of the pipe. Operators were forced to shut down and open their line at regular intervals to inspect material wear. A new interior polyurethane coating system was developed that is able to transmit wear data to the outside during operation without the need for a hole through the pipe wall. Experience from 1 year of field operation will be presented. Another, quite different application, with a different set of parameters is polyurea external corrosion protection coating. With the recent development of intelligent polyurethane and polyurea materials, intelligent coatings that provide on-line condition monitoring of pipelines can be created. An overview on the state of the art and latest developments in this field will be given. Case studies from years of field experience with High Performance Polyurethane / Polyurea elastomer coatings will round off this presentation.

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