Title Presenter Company Conference
3D-Localisation and magnetic mapping of buried pipelines using Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Mehdi M. Laichoubi France SKIPPER NDT Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
A discussion on the benefits of modern communications for pipeline operations Ian Holden United Kingdom ABB Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
A New Approach in Pipeline Monitoring Based on UAVs and Automated Image Information Extraction Andreas Kühnen Germany Definiens AG Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
A New Solution for Efficient, Accurate, and Safe Interrupted Surveys Jay Warner United States Dairyland Electrical Industries Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
A Novel Intelligent Pipe Protection System used for the Nord Stream Pipeline Construction Dr. Michael Magerstädt Germany ROPLAST Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
A Robust Qualification of Fiber-Sensing for Leak Detection, based on Hyper-Scan Technology Dr. Eran Inbar Israel Prisma Photonics Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
A vibroacoustic integrated technology for the detection of a wide spectrum of illegal activities Marco Marino Italy SolAres (Solgeo / Aresys) Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Active acoustics in water distribution networks for leak detection and localization Marshal Kafle Canada University of Waterloo Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
AIMI - Airborne Intelligent Monitoring of Infrastructures Dirk Schmidt Germany Thyssengas Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Automated sub-water surveys in shallow water environments Lothar Kreutzwald Germany P-Systems Pipeline Services GmbH Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Continous Real-Time Pipeline Deformation, 3D Positioning and Ground Movement Monitoring Along The Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivos Adrian Garrow Switzerland Omnisens Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Developing a 3D Spatial Pipeline Data Model towards Web-based 3D Pipeline GIS Application Dr. Zhenpei Li Canada University of Western Ontario Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Development of a leak detection tool for gas pipelines Rene Landstorfer Germany Gottsberg Leak Detection Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Developments in SCADA solutions for central control rooms and multi-site infrastructure Martin te Lintelo Japan Yokogawa Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Differentiation of 3D Scanners and Their Positioning Method When Applied to Pipeline Integrity Thomas Minten Germany Creaform - Ametek Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Disrupt, Collapse, Transform - Future of NDT from Periodic Testing to Continuous Monitoring Nikhil Jain India Frost & Sullivan Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
E-RTTM – State of the Art Leak Detection Daniel Vogt Netherlands KROHNE Oil & Gas Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Emergency Preparedness Based on SAP and GIS Dr. Peter Götzen Germany E.ON Ruhrgas AG Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Enhanced Pipeline Monitoring With Fiber Optic Sensors Jochen Frings Germany ILF Consulting Engineers Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Experience on using Acoustic Leak Imaging (ALI) Technology on Compressor Stations and Pressure Reducing Stations Peter Mantel Switzerland Distran Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
FBG Optical Sensing for Pipeline Structural Health Monitoring Dr. Daniele Costantini United States Micron Optics Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Fiber Optic Based Pipeline Monitoring Alexander Rauscher Germany PiMON Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Flange-Concept to achieve sustainable tight flanges Patrick Junkers Germany HYTORC - Barbarino & Kilp Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Fully automated gluing station for continuous pipeline deformation monitoring and 3-D positioning Prof. Luigi Zeni Italy Seconda Università Di Napoli Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
L-Band InSAR Ground Movement Monitoring of Midstream Assets in the Appalachian Region Murray Down Canada 3vGeomatics Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Large-scale pipeline environmental testing for Hydrocarbon Leak detection using WrapSense Rodrigo Rueda United Kingdom TWI Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Leak Detection Compliance and Health Check Maximilian Ihring Netherlands KROHNE Oil & Gas Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Leak Monitoring in Transportation Pipelines under Highly Transient Operating Conditions Dr. Alexey Ippa Germany MAGNUM Automatisierungstechnik GmbH Pipeline Technology Conference 2006
Meter Factor Selection using a Multinomial Figure of Merit Algorithm Dr. Craig Eichelkraut United States General Electric Company Grid Solutions Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Monitoring Pipeline Right of Way Using Optical Satellite Imagery Dr. Igor Zakharov Canada C-CORE Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Operational performance validation results for a satellite-based ROW monitoring solution Alexander Blauw Netherlands Orbital Eye Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Performance of the ThreatScan™ system in different operational and environmental conditions Thierry Romanet United States Baker Hughes Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Pipeline Acoustic Monitoring Giancarlo Bernasconi Italy Politecnico di Milano Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Pipeline Integrity Monitoring in Russia using Distributed Fiber Optical Sensor Dr. Aleksey Turbin Russia OMEGA Company Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Pipeline Integrity Monitoring: Developments in Non-Intrusive Flow-through Devices Daniel Clarke United Kingdom Teledyne Cormon Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Pipeline monitoring and third-party damage assessment by multi-platform sensor networks Prof. Luigi Zeni Italy Second University of Naples Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Pipeline Monitoring As A Tool Against Leaks And Fuel Theft Noe Lucero Brazil Asel-Tech Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Pipeline Monitoring by Intelligent High Performance Elastomer Coatings Dr. Michael Magerstädt Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Pipeline Monitoring with Linear Gas Sensors Dr. Detlef Lazik Germany Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
PipeMon+® – "real-time" pipeline monitoring for third party interference detection and accident prevention Dr. Axel Scherello Germany Open Grid Europe Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Retrofitting Existing Pipelines for Fiber Optic Monitoring Steven Koles Canada Hifi Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Satellite-based ROW monitoring solution deployed in full operation: initial results Alexander Blauw Netherlands Orbital Eye Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Technology meets nature, A unique approach for optimized pipeline monitoring and leak detection Cindy Verhoeven Belgium The Sniffers Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
The Future of Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring with Hyperspectral Imaging Peter Weaver United States Orbital Sidekick Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Use of Flexible Data Acquisition on Cleaning Pigs for Offshore Applications Jan van der Graaf Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Using simulation to overcome operational challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic Glen Tyson United Kingdom Atmos International Pipeline Technology Conference 2021

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