Methane leak detection and emissions quantification
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Dr. Axel Scherello
Axel Scherello, Matthias Ulbricht
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Based on the climate change impact of methane emissions, gas industry is looking for suitable tools to detect such releases and quantify their flow rates. Quantification is used for an emissions documentation, mandatory for fulfilling OGMP 2.0 standards as well as the upcoming methane regulations. On top quantification supports the selection procedure of significant leaks, that should be repaired with priority.

Searching for suitable leak detection and quantifications techniques for its midstream assets like compressor stations and pressure reduction and metering stations, OGE tried to apply its CHARM technology together with its partner company Adlares. CHARM is a laser-based gas remote detection device installed in an helicopter and was originally built for highly efficient leak detection at buried natural gas pipelines, capable of finding sub-micro pinhole leakages with releases significantly smaller than 100 l/h.

Together with wind measurement equipment CHARM was applied at several compressor stations for leak detection and Quantification (LDAQ) purposes. Data was evaluated in post processing and results compared with ground-based measurements. This presentation will show the results of different LDAQ tests, showing CHARM’s suitability and the limits of application as well as restrictions. In addition, safety aspects of flying over natural gas assets were discussed.

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