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OGE is Germany's leading gas transmission company. With its modern and efficient system of approx. 12,000 km of pipeline and comprehensive technical services, OGE offers and arranges innovative, forward-looking transportation solutions for natural gas and green gases such as hydrogen.

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Open Grid Europe

Title Presenter Conference year
Methane leak detection and emissions quantification Dr. Axel Scherello ptc 2023
Qualification of High-Pressure Gas Pipelines for Transmission of Hydrogen Dr. Ulrich Marewski ptc 2023
PipeMon+® – "real-time" pipeline monitoring for third party interference detection and accident prevention Dr. Axel Scherello ptc 2019
The mechanism of coatings disbondment and associated corrosion risks Dr. Ashokanand Vimalanandan ptc 2019
Public Perception in Gas Transmission Pipeline Projects - ZEELINK Dr. Jochen Stratmann ptc 2019
Numerical Simulation Of External Loads On Buried Pipelines Johannes Brückner ptc 2018
Quality control in the passive corrosion protection – the coating inspector Hilmar Jansen ptc 2018
Implementation of the Integrated DVGW Safety Concept at Open Grid Europe Dr. Michael Steiner ptc 2017
Mobile Compressor - responsible use of primary energies, avoidance of climate-harming methan emissions Christian Hadick ptc 2016
First experiences with applying CHARM® second generation Dr. Axel Scherello ptc 2016
Balancing the Electric Grid with a Dual Drive Centrifugal Pipeline Compressor Dr. Stefan Stollenwerk ptc 2016
Considerations on the Risk of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Pipeline Steel due to Cathodic Overprotection Dr. Hanns-Georg Schöneich ptc 2015
Pipeline Integrity Analysis (PIA2) - A Survey Concept for Non-Piggable Gas Transport Pipelines with Spigot-and-Socket Connection Dr. Carmen Acht ptc 2015
Airborne Gas Remote Detection – Techniques and Procedure Dr. Axel Scherello ptc 2014
Grid Infrastructure - Thinking ahead Heinz Watzka ptc 2013
Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Policy & Practices: Influences of Current Developments on Pipeline Projects in Germany Dr. Jochen Stratmann ptc 2013
Ultrasonic Measurement Techniques in Gas Pipeline Inspection - A Case Study Jens Erfurth ptc 2012
Approach to assessing Pipeline Displacements Dr. Ulrich Marewski ptc 2012