PipeMon+® – "real-time" pipeline monitoring for third party interference detection and accident prevention
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Dr. Axel Scherello
Hans-Willy Theilmeier-Aldehoff, Katharina Grothues, Dr. Axel Scherello
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High pressure pipelines for transport purposes of natural gas, crude oil, refined and chemical products are built and maintained under the strict requirement, that they are save. Cathodic protection (CP) is applied in order to avoid corrosion. Pipeline monitoring and leak detection surveys are executed, in order to detect illegal external activities or ongoing leakages. Pig runs are performed on regular basis for material loss detection in an early stage. Nevertheless there is an interest in a technology for real-time detection of a pipeline damage including its evaluation.

Imagine a situation where an excavator damages a high pressure pipeline only that way, that there is no gas release, but the structure is damaged as intense that a rupture is only a question of time. In this case a real-time monitoring signal helps to react directly and in the correct manner. In addition a short term reaction enables the operator to identify the damage initiator and to accuse him of being responsible.

This PipeMon+ presentation will describe the technique shortly. Practical test will be presented and explained, in order to transform their outcome to real pipeline operation, so that the audience can imagine the use of PipeMon+ and its benefits.

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