Third Party Impact

Title Presenter Company Country Conference Year
An Increasing Concern - Third Party Interference Damage on Buried Pipelines. An European Case Study Sonia Rodrigues OVERPIPE France Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Predicting the Likelihood of External Interference Damage Using Machine Learning Algorithms Trained on In-Line Inspection Data Katherine Taylor ROSEN Group Switzerland Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
The Power to Know More About Third Party Gouging Dr. Mike Kirkwood T.D. Williamson United States Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
PipeMon+® – "real-time" pipeline monitoring for third party interference detection and accident prevention Dr. Axel Scherello Open Grid Europe Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Wireless Portable LDS for Theft Detection Dr. Soonho Jeong Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation South Korea Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
BIL - A Shift of Paradigm for Construction Inquiries Jens Focke BIL - Federal German Construction Enquiry Portal Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Pipeline Security – Public Awareness and Mitigation of Third Party Accidents as a new Layer of Protection for the Critical Infrastructure Gas Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidt CSE Center of Safety Excellence Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Damage Detection in Natural Gas Distribution Pipeline Network Based on Vibration Signal Analysis Luis Antonio Zanette Companhia Paranaense de Gás - COMPAGAS Brazil Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Pipeline monitoring and third-party damage assessment by multi-platform sensor networks Prof. Luigi Zeni Second University of Naples Italy Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
BIL- Germany`s approach to implement a cost-free digging request portal Jens Focke BIL - Federal German Construction Enquiry Portal Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Theft detection and tapping point location using multi-method technology Dr. David Dingley Atmos International United Kingdom Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Requirements for Real-Time Oil and Gas Pipeline Surveillance with Wireless Sensors for Theft and Sabotage Mitigation Johnson Eze University of Wolverhampton United Kingdom Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Disrupt, Collapse, Transform - Future of NDT from Periodic Testing to Continuous Monitoring Nikhil Jain Frost & Sullivan India Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Innovative Solutions to Third-party Pipeline Interference in Shell Nigeria Raymond Asuquo Shell Nigeria Nigeria Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Third party damage prevention: the human factor and the Integrity of Pipeline Installations, an urbanization proposal Mauricio Terada Vaz Petrobras Transporte S.A. - TRANSPETRO Brazil Pipeline Technology Conference 2013