Damage Detection in Natural Gas Distribution Pipeline Network Based on Vibration Signal Analysis
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Luis Antonio Zanette
Luís Antônio Zanette, Nilson Barbieri, Julio Cézar de Almeida
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The growing of natural gas market generates demand for expansion of distribution pipelines network. This expansion in the pipeline network implies the need to do the periodic monitoring of these pipes, in order to detect possible faults, mainly in the older networks, and in this way prevent the occurrence of leaks and eventual accidents. On this research, a methodology to detect damage in pipes based on vibration signals analysis is proposed. Thus, tests were performed in an experimental pipeline network, contemplating a reference sample (without damage) and others with damage. Three kinds of damage were analyzed, mechanical defect (dent), corrosion and leakage (hole). Pressure and vibration signals of the system considering the two situations (without and with damage) were measured, using pressure transducers and accelerometers disposed along the line. To identify the referred damages, it was applied some signals analysis techniques, such as: kurtosis and mathematical morphology. The results obtained allowed conclude that by using acceleration sensors, with an adequate range, together with these techniques is possible to identify the existence of damage in pipeline, attesting that this methodology is a potential tool for this finality.

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