Title Presenter Company Conference
A Novel Intelligent Pipe Protection System used for the Nord Stream Pipeline Construction Dr. Michael Magerstädt Germany ROPLAST Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
AC Interference Case Study: Predicting effects and mitigating risks to pipelines with close proximity to wind power feeder and transmission line networks Joey Gallant United Kingdom Aegion Corrpro Companies Europe Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Advanced Eddy Current Array Tools for Stress Corrosion Cracking Direct Assessment on Pipelines Mathieu Bouchard Canada Eddyfi Technologies Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Alkali resistance of coatings? Will tests of cathodic disbondment provide reliable statements to this question? Dr. Thomas Löffler Germany DENSO Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Application of 3D Laser Method for Corrosion Assessment of Oil&Gas pipelines and pressure components Christophe Piron Canada CREAFORM Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Aspects of Modern Corrosion Protective Coating Technology Michael Schad Germany DENSO Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Assessment of Corroded Pipelines Based on Pigging Data Joachim Lücking Germany TÜV NORD Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Attaining lasting Corrosion Prevention for the lifetime of the asset Dinko Cudic Netherlands Seal For Life Industries Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Buried Pipeline Inspection By Non-Contact Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM) - A Non-Intrusive Inspection Technology Choong Meng Lam Malaysia PETRONAS Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Case studies for intelligent pigging of 'unpiggable' offshore pipelines Edwin Rosier Netherlands Intero Integrity Services Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Combined defect assessments using Phased Array Inline Inspection technology Stéphane Benichou France TRAPIL Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Condition Assessment of Force Main Kishen Prathivadi United States Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline PN 25 by means of trenchless technologies in the Czech Republic Robert Goletz Germany Rädlinger Primus Line Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Corrosion Growth Analysis - Case Study of MFL-UT Combined inspection Johannes Palmer Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Corrosion-resistant plastic pipes with permeation barrier for safe transport of contaminated fluids from industrial processes or exploration Dr. Thorsten Späth Germany egeplast international Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Data Analytics for Tracking the Deterioration of Pipelines Michael Smith Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Effect of Pre Corrosion by Galvanostatic Anodic Polarization and Temperature on the Formation Rate of Iron Carbonate Film Winia Farida United Kingdom Wood Group Integrity Management Ltd. Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Effectiveness of cathodic protection under disbonded coatings: On the implications of shielding conditions on the integrity of pipelines Dr. Markus Büchler Switzerland Swiss Society for Corrosion Protection Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Evaluation of dents in a highly pressure cycled pipeline system Deepak Agarwal India Indian Oil Corporation Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Fighting Corrosion on an Ageing Pipeline Markus Seitz Australia APA Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Fitness For Purpose assessment based on Finite Element Assessment using Ultrasonic ILI Data Dr. Henrik Witte Germany NDT Global Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Flexible ARO Dual Layer FBE System Dr. Martin Rau Germany 3M Company Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
FRP-reinforced Liner Pipes for the Safe and Reliable handling of corrosive media in chemical industry and metallurgy Dr. Mirko Lotz Switzerland Quadrant EPP Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Hard is not Always Tough Enough-Challenges of Pipeline Corrosion Prevention Dr. E. Czech Germany BASF Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
High-resolution in-line inspection of internally cement coated brine water pipelines Christoph Sur Germany 3P Services Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
How microsilver can be a long-term protection against microbial corrosion Sven Donhuysen Switzerland Sterilos Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
How viscous elastic coatings can overcome typical corrosion problems during rehabilitation Leo van Beugen Netherlands Kleiss & co bv Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Identification of Cathodic Interference on Pipelines Dr. Eva Benz Germany BIL - Federal German Construction Enquiry Portal Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Improving pipeline integrity assessments using optimised probabilistic acceleration techniques. Aidan Charlton United Kingdom Penspen Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
In-service Relocation of 24 inch Wet Acid Flare Line Header Roya Moradifar Iran South Pars Gas Complex Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Innovation in 3D scanning technology and software is pushing the limits of complex corrosion and mechanical damage assessment on pipelines Christophe Piron Canada CREAFORM Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Intelligent a.c. mitigation device VCSD, that minimize the negative effects of electromagnetic interferences on pipelines, especially in terms of personal protection. Tobias Braun Germany DEHN Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Internal corrosions in oil and gas transport pipelines Mina Khoda Karami Norway DNV Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Introduction of a new field-applied corrosion system designed for pipelines Michael Schad Germany DENSO Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Life Cycle Extension Strategies Alberto Montoya Mexico PEMEX Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Long-term Corrosion Protection of Pipelines by High Performance Polyurea Spray Coatings Dr. Michael Magerstädt Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
MobiZEN: a New Device to Detect Active Corrosion on Buried Pipelines Dr. Yves Van Ingelgem Belgium Vrije Universiteit Brussel Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Opportunities to Access the Benefits of High-frequency Welded (HFW) Pipes for a Wider Scope of Oil and Gas Industry Applications Dr. Timur Tadjiev United Kingdom Wood Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Pigging Sealing Disc Failure Analysis Khajornkai Kitisiri Thailand PTT Public Company Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Pinhole Detection with Ultra-High-Resolution Axial Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL-A Ultra) Technology - How the most recent MFL innovation revolutionizes the detection capabilities for previously undetectable threats Johannes Spille Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Pipeline Corrosion in a 24”dia Crude Oil Pipeline due to Interference from High Voltage A.C.Transmission Line: A Case Study Dr. B.D. Yadav India Indian Oil Corporation Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
PipeMon+® – "real-time" pipeline monitoring for third party interference detection and accident prevention Dr. Axel Scherello Germany Open Grid Europe Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Predicting the Future - Applying Corrosion Growth Rates Derived from Repeat ILI Runs Jane Dawson United States Baker Hughes Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Quantitative estimation of MIC corrosion processes by electrochemical techniques and MIC modelling Friso Postma Netherlands Microbial Analysis Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Re-coating of oldest pipeline @Bolivia GSCY (24" x 540 km) Jaime Portugal Zeballos Bolivia YPFB TRANSPORTE Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Reduction of CO2 Corrosion of API-5L by “ 2-Mercaptobenzimidazole” as inhibitor Ahmad Zamani Gharaghooshi Iran Oil Ministry Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Remote Monitoring and Control (Corrocontrol) Dr. Basil Ali Germany PSE Engineering Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Risk Based Inspection of Khurais Fields' Flowlines Abdulla Hammraa Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Saudi Aramco’s Proactive Approach to Identify Stress Corrosion Cracking Using Latest EMAT Inspection Technology Abdulwahab Qahtani Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Sizing Stress Corrosion Cracks using Laser Ultrasonics Munendra S. Tomar Netherlands Applus RTD Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
Tape Coatings – what are the differences in manufacturing technologies and which impact do they have on the material properties? Luc Perrad Germany DENSO Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
The Corrosion Control Technology for High H2S and CO2 Content Natural Gas Gathering and Transportation System Dr. Li Du China Sinopec Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
The IMPACT Report Breaks New Ground in the Study of Corrosion Management Prof. Dr. Thomas L. Ladwein United States NACE International Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
The mechanism of coatings disbondment and associated corrosion risks Dr. Ashokanand Vimalanandan Germany Open Grid Europe Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Using Risk Management to Optimize the Maintenance Plan for Pipelines Gaurav Singh Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
UT-ILI and Fitness-for-Purpose Analysis for Severely Internally Corroded Crude Oil Pipeline Shabbir Safri Kuwait Kuwait Oil Company Pipeline Technology Conference 2013

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