Pipeline Technology Conference 2017

Event Date
Estrel, Berlin, Germany
Conference Program

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Title Author(s)
AGIFAMOR – Application of distributed acoustic and fibre optic sensors for continuous monitoring of pipes Dr. Maria-Teresa Hussels, Sebastian Chruscicki, Dr. Wolfram Baer, Peter Wossidlo, Dr. Margit Weltschev, Dr. Dirk Schmidt, Dr. Franziska Baensch, Dr. Jürgen Bohse, Dr. Jens Prager, Dr. Abdelkarim Habib
Alternating Current Field Measurement Inducer Design for ILI of Pipelines Dr. Wenpei Zheng, Dr. Yijing Feng, Prof. Dr. Laibin Zhang
Analysis of Temporary Wooden Cribbing Blocks for Pipe Support Dr. Diego D'Alberto, Dr. Agostino Napolitano, Dr. Salvatore Morgante, Dr. Angelo Rosato
Attaining lasting Corrosion Prevention for the lifetime of the asset Dinko Cudic
Automated sub-water surveys in shallow water environments Lothar Kreutzwald, Walter Siegmund
Avoiding Future Pipeline Failures by Detecting, Identifying, and Prioritizing Mechanical Damage Chuck Harris
Better Data: Methodologies and Best-Practices for Achieving Higher Quality Inspection Results Ron Maurier
BIL - A Shift of Paradigm for Construction Inquiries Jens Focke
Case study of an integrated solution for the thermal management of an onshore pipeline Dr. Patrizio Sala
Case Study of New Technologies Utilized for Pipeline Construction Project in China ZHANG, Wenwei, LI, Miao, ZHANG, Zhenyong, ZHOU, Yawei
Composite Repairs – Their Application for the Long Term Reinforcement of Mechanical Damage to High Pressure Pipelines within Europe James Knights
Comprehensive approach to the decommissioning of oil pipelines Ales Crha, Ales Brynych
DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) - Pipeline Monitoring and the Blue Color of the Sky Maria Pimentel
Development of Flexible QRA Within a GIS Environment Dr. Otto Huisman, Mark Wright
Domino effects in pipeline corridors Gerald Laheij
Dynamic Detail Design Mapping for Pipeline Construction through GIS Technology using in-house developed toolbox – TAP Case Study Evangelia Gioti, Panagiotis Keramitzis, Dimitris Hourmouziadis, Tilemaxos Vaitsis, Konstantinos Stamatis
Finite Element Analysis and Full Scale Testing of Composite Repairs on Wrinkle Bends in Pipelines Timothy Mally, Dr. Chris Alexander, Colton Sheets, Roger Walker, Dr. Mahdi Kiani
Finite element analysis of operating buried pipelines subjected to strike-slip fault movement Gersena Banushi, Dr. Nunziante Squeglia, Prof. Dr. Klaus Thiele, Prof. Dr. Walter Salvatore
Fracture Propagation Prevention on CO2 pipelines: Full Scale Experimental Testing and Verification Approach Massimo Di Biagio, Antonio Lucci, Elisabetta Mecozzi, Carlo Maria Spinelli
Geohazard assessment and seismic design of compressor stations Dr. Prodromos Psarropoulos, Dr. Andreas Antoniou