Case study of an integrated solution for the thermal management of an onshore pipeline

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23 Jun 2017
Dr. Patrizio Sala
Dr. Patrizio Sala
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Flow assurance embraces a wide range of conditions and solutions. One of its component is the thermal management of the fluid. When a fluid is transferred between two stations, the temperature must be maintained at the desired value with the purpose of granting the required flow properties. The thermal management strategy developed for this case study, involved the combination of a passive insulation solution and an active heating system, in order to compensate any heat loss during steady state or transient conditions.The integrated solution used in this case study includes: an anticorrosion system, a thermal insulation coating, a FJC solution and heat tracing system. The design phase of each system components was the most critical phase of this project, in order to realize an integrated and reliable solution. This paper describes: the challenges; the design, engineering and validation phases; construction and installation

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