Enivibes (Eniverse 76%, Aresys 16% and Solgeo 8%) presents e-vpms®: an innovative technology for pipeline leak detection and integrity monitoring.
e-vpms® (Eni Vibroacoustic Pipeline Monitoring System) is widely tested on field, with thousands of monitored pipelines kilometers worldwide: the technology proved to radically reduce the number of Third-Party Interferences (TPIs) and their economic and reputational impacts. It accurately detects and localizes leaks and impacts occurring on the pipeline, with excellent reliability, precision and response time.
Originally developed to localize leakages, e-vpms® has evolved over the years the capability of detecting impacts and illegal tapping precursor events and many other phenomena impacting the pipeline's assets. The technology is hence effective both for intervention and prevention purposes.
The technology, after the installation of a minimal set of non-invasive sensors on existing derivations, monitors in real-time the vibroacoustic waves propagating inside the pipeline. The fullest deployment configuration of the e-vpms® provides an integrated platform able to cover a wide spectrum of events related to illegal activities, from digging, to illegal tapping and the leakage itself.
Enivibes is capable of delivering e-vpms® to more than 120 countries worldwide.
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