Intelcon System


Venezuelan engineering company with 27 years of expertise in the industrial control and automation field.

During these 27 we have had a great number of cases of success in automation and optimization in oil production facilities such as, tank farms, oil production facilities offshore, oil production clusters, separators stations, pump stations, SCADA systems, leak detection systems, ESD.

We also have been involved in the design and deployment of control systems in the food and beverage industry such breweries, corn flour plants, rum factories.

We work in hardware and software, having our own line of RTU's and flow computers.

During the last 5 years our R&D team have been working in our new lines of intelligent solutions for plant operations, assets preservation and our latest intelligent solution to detect and locate leaks in pipelines named "IdetectFugas" which has a patent granted by the patent office of USA.

We have offices in Caracas Venezuela and in Lima Peru, and planning to start operations this semester in Houston Texas USA.