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Herrenknecht is a technology and market leader in the area of mechanized tunnelling technology. Herrenknecht is the only company worldwide to deliver tunneling technology for all grounds and in all diameters. The product range includes tailor-made machines for traffic, supply and disposal tunnels as well as drilling equipment for pipeline-installation.

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Title Presenter Conference year
The role of green HDD for pipelines and sustainable power grids Simon Herrenknecht ptc 2023
Sustainable grid expansion: trenchless installation technologies for underground cables Dr. Marc Peters ptc 2023
Under the Humber: insights from a 5 km long tunneling project Michael Lubberger ptc 2022
Trenchless pipeline installations in European key projects Michael Lubberger ptc 2021
Europe´s Gas Supply Network: Key projects for trenchless methods and Pipe Express Diana Rennkamp ptc 2020
Where offshore meets onshore: Trenchless solutions for pipeline landfalls Michael Lubberger ptc 2019
Innovative Trenchless Solutions For Pipeline Crossings And Landfalls Diana Rennkamp ptc 2018
New trenchless technology for small diameters and long drives and its use in underground cable installation Michael Lubberger ptc 2017
A Variety of Trenchless Technologies for Pipeline installation Michael Lubberger ptc 2016
Pipe Thruster: different applications for the installation of pipelines Diana Pfeff ptc 2014
Pipe Express® - An innovative method for environmentally friendly and economical pipeline installation Diana Pfeff ptc 2013
New Pipeline Coating Quality Control Technology for HDD and other Pipeline Construction Methods Dr. Marc Peters ptc 2011
The Innovative Direct Pipe® Method – Case Histories Diana Pfeff ptc 2010
The Herrenknecht Pipe Thruster - Key Innovation in Pipeline Construction Dr. Marc Peters ptc 2009
Latest Developments for the Trenchless Construction of Pipelines Eric Adams ptc 2007
Direct Pipe ®: Latest Innovation in Pipeline Construction - Technology and References Dr. Marc Peters ptc 2008
Various Trenchless Techniques for Pipeline Installation under Rivers and Mountains Werner Suhm ptc 2006