Pipe Express® - An innovative method for environmentally friendly and economical pipeline installation
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Diana Pfeff
Andreas Diedrich
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Development history and report of the first project in the Netherlands (530m of 48” gas pipeline). With Pipe Express® pipelines with lengths in excess of 1,000 meters can be installed in a semi-trenchless process. During the installation process, the soil surrounding the product pipe is loosened with the aid of a tunnelling machine and transported to the surface by a chain trencher. The tunnelling machine is accompanied through a laying unit above ground which consists of several individual modules. The Pipe Express® System is used, where the installation of Pipelines (which is near to the surface and in most cases open) is only possible with high cost expenditures due to special requirements. This includes for example projects, where the nature conservation is very important. Through the active excavation of soil and the insertion of the product pipe, it is possible to create an optimal pipe bedding. The aim is to lay more than 1,000 meters per day to be able to compete with the conventional open cut method. With projects in especially exigent areas with unstable soil, aquifers and big laying depths, the costs of execution and land rehabilitation can be reduced with this new method. With Pipe Express®, the required line width can be reduced, in comparison to the conventional open trench construction. While crossing agricultural drawing spaces, bigger crop failures as well as payments of compensation of long duration are prevented through that in comparison to the open construction. In addition, cost-intensive measures are reduced to earth movement and groundwater conservation. In November 2012 the first gas pipeline will be installed in the Netherlands. The 48” gas pipeline has a total length of about 530 meters and will be laid in two pipe sections. During the presentation the lessons learned will be shared with the auditorium.

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