Pipeline Technology Conference 2009

Event Date
Hannover Messe, Hannover, Germany
Conference Program

Proceedings (ISSN 2510-6716)

Title Author(s)
Applicable Norms and Required Improvements for CO2 Pipelines Christian Heinz
Approval Procedures and Technical Rules for Pipelines in Germany Christian Engel
Audacia Conversion Project Tjomme van Norden
BERG-LAY®: A New Production Method for CRA Lined Steel Pipe Based on Sheet Metal Bernd Berg, Ulrich Schnaut
CO2 Infrastructure in Germany Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht
Cold Metal Transfer - CMT - A Revolution in Mechanized Root Pass Pipeline Welding Ryan Fokens
Comparison of Pressure Transfer Rings for Jacking Pipes Prof. Dr. Markus Thewes, Susanne Kentgens, Andreas Dudzik
A Comprehensive View on Information Management During the Life Cycle of Pipeline Assets Karim Elhanafi
Condition Assessment of Metallic Water Mains by Internal Pipe Inspection Ernst Kloosterman
Corridor Survey of Both Existing and New to be Built Pipelines on Land Using LiDAR Scanning Suri Bayirli
Designing a Method for Selecting the Most Appropriate External Pipeline Protective Coating Ali Reza Moeini, Ali Ehsan Nazarbeygi
Development and Customisation of Integrated Pipeline Integrity Management System Mohd Nazmi bin Mohd Ali Napiah
Effects of Reeling on the Mechanical Properties of HFI Welded Pipes Scott McCann, David Evans, Adam Bannister
European Gas Demand from Eastern Sources in the View of the Recent Supply Crisis Prof. Dr. Klaus Homann
GAIL’s Journey from Success to Progress Ayush Gupta, Shri D. V. Shastry
Hard is not Always Tough Enough-Challenges of Pipeline Corrosion Prevention A. Bessant, E. Czech
Heavy Crude Oil Transfer Using Twin-Screw Pumps - Applications in Sudan and South America Dietrich Müller-Link
Impact of Technical Standards on Results of Defect Assessment Wolfgang Schmidt
Inherent Risks of Transit Pipelines Ralf G. Schwimmbeck
In-Line Inspection Using Combined Technologies - Magnetic Flux Leakage and Ultrasonic Testing and their Advantages Thomas Beuker, Johannes Palmer, Manuel Quack