Designing a Method for Selecting the Most Appropriate External Pipeline Protective Coating
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Ali Reza Moeini
Ali Reza Moeini, Ali Ehsan Nazarbeygi
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Selection of protective pipeline coatings has always been a challenging subject. The appropriate coating is the one with high performance, high durability, low monitoring and maintenance costs, easy application method and also the one that is cost effective and health friendly.

The objective of this article is to present a method which helps with selecting the most appropriate coating through running a qualitative as well as a quantitative comparison between different types of external pipeline coatings considering the technical and financial priorities of the user. To design this method, we have applied the QFD (Quality Function Deployment), which is a known process. This method is indeed remarkable since it gives user the opportunity of applying new data regarding to user’s own experiences and records as well as the opportunity of determining whether the technical concerns are of more importance or the financial concerns.

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