New Pipeline Coating Quality Control Technology for HDD and other Pipeline Construction Methods
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Dr. Marc Peters
Dr. Marc Peters
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In underground pipeline construction e.g. with the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method many factors have impacts on the construction process and the quality of the pipeline to be implemented in the ground or in the borehole.

To increase lifetime of the in most cases steel pipeline and reduce corrosion processes the pipeline is protected by an inner and/or outer coating. Pipeline coatings could be out of GRP, PE, cements or others materials and should not be damaged during construction process when the pipeline is moved through the ground and passes different geological structures. To control quality after pipeline implementation different technologies are available. But all these techniques start to work when the pipeline is fully implemented in the ground even if the scratches or damages were created at the beginning of the construction works. The result is that damages could be detected quite late and were may be compounded.

With the new Pull&Check® and Push&Check® -technology developed by Herrenknecht AG it is possible to control the coating quality during the hole construction process by using Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control systems. This enables to react directly in case of any quality loss during construction time and to prevent increasing damages and repair costs.

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