Automated sub-water surveys in shallow water environments
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Lothar Kreutzwald
Lothar Kreutzwald, Walter Siegmund
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Water crossings still are a challenge in pipeline construction and operation. Scan4Pipes and P-Systems have developed and tested a system to survey rivers and lakes – especially in rough environments. A set of sensors like e.g. sonar, sub-bottom profiler gather information. The platform is unmannend and can be used in dangerous environments. An automated control via GPS guarantees the reproducibility of the results at every time. The system has been developed by surveying several crossing of BP in Aserbeidschan. Further perfection has been realised by surveying several crossings of Salzburgnetz in Austria. Two lakes have been scanned to gather information about the actual location of pipelines. Even more challenging was the survey of a crossing of the river Salzach at km 59,746. Due to the weather conditions in the Alps, rivers like the Salzach tend to have a high discharge. A special safety means was installed to prevent damages at the platform. The survey discovered two sections, where the coverage of the pipeline was reduced. This is a vital result to ensure the safety of pipelines. The survey can be reproduced at any time and the complete arrangement can be reproduced with every crossing worldwide. As a further big advantage, the platform is optimised to examine crossing in dangerous environments. It is easy to mobilise and prepare. The system is easy to adopt with further sensors, e.g. a DCVG or CIPS environment to survey the coating quality of pipelines.

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