Implementation of the Integrated DVGW Safety Concept at Open Grid Europe
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Dr. Michael Steiner
Dr. Michael Steiner
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The construction and especially the operation of high pressure gas pipelines has to be performed according to a very high safety standard considering economic aspects too. Hence the state of the art and relevant national and international experience should be used for the construction and operations of high pressure gas pipelines. High pressure gas pipelines constructed and operated according to the rules of the DVGW are technically safe, but they have to be protected against impacts by third party interference or possible ground movement. To achieve such protection additional measures have to be taken especially for areas with additional need of protection because of possible hazards. For the construction of new pipelines technical measures are preferred whereas organizational actions should be selected for pipelines in operation. In this paper the systematic assessment of hazards and measures is described in extracts for the construction of high pressure gas pipelines or for pipelines in operation. In particular technical measures like increase of safety factor, depth of cover or marker posts and organizational measures, e.g. repeated Inline Inspection, CP-measures and PIMS are discussed.

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