Benefits of Hybrid Leak Detection Systems for Pipelines
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Maximilian Ihring
Max Ihring, Daniel Vogt, Etienne Rochat, Cristian Grecco
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Pipeline leak detection is performed by a variety of techniques. These include internal as well as external systems as for example described in API 1130 on computational pipeline monitoring. Therefore, selecting a suitable leak detection system is not an easy task for pipeline operators. The system must meet the needs of the application and comply with [relevant] regulations.

While in the past often the decision was for an internal or an external system there are several reasons for combining technologies. The paper describes how different leak detection technologies can be integrated in one system. This is shown by an example of a leak detection project for a thermally insulated oil export pipeline. In this application an Extended Real-Time Transient Model based internal leak detection system was combined with a distributed temperature sensing external system. The different requirements and special features of the application are described and how the combination of the technologies improved performance.

The paper also includes an overview of the additional functionalities that are available for pipeline management and monitoring by technologies in one system such as batch tracking functionalities or intrusion detection.

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