Non-intrusive monitoring of fluid state and cavitation in pipes
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Dr. Goran Pavic
Goran Pavic, Fabien Chevillotte
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The paper describes a particular non-intrusive sensor intended for the measurement of internal pressure in a pipe. Unlike a conventional intrusive pressure sensor the new sensor detects the surface deformation which is then converted to the internal pressure by post-processing the measurement data. In order to fulfill its role the new sensor is made of a compliant piezo-wire which is wound around the pipe circumference. It is re-usable and relatively simple to mount.

It is shown how by using a small array of wire sensors several type of pipe monitoring can be made:

- monitoring of the state of fluid by measuring the actual sound speed in the fluid which depends on the wall elasticity and on the quantity of dissolved air/gas and impurities,

- monitoring of the level of fluid cavitation in both the onset and developed stages,

- monitoring of pressure pulsations in and away from the measurement area.

The implementation of the developed monitoring procedures is made using a custom-built Python-based software. The modular architecture of the software allows the user to tailor its output according to own needs. The use of the new wire sensor and software is illustrated by examples obtained in real operating conditions.

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