Energy Transition and the Impact on Pipeline Integrity
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Neil Gallon
Neil Gallon, Mario Humbert, Michael Tewes
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The climate emergency is one of the biggest challenges humanity must face in the 21st century. We all need to be involved in the process of moving towards a decarbonized economy. At the same time, the advancing global energy transition faces many challenges when it comes to ensuring a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy supply. The energy industry is currently going through its biggest change in living memory, despite this gas and its valuable infrastructure continue to play a major role in a decarbonized and integrated energy system. Scaling up the transportation of renewable and low-carbon gases in our global existing and new build pipeline network is essential to deliver a reliable and affordable transition to climate neutrality. This paper will illustrate the important role of pipelines in an integrated future energy system, and explore the implications of pipeline transportation of renewable and low-carbon fuels and their associated products. In particular, the implications for pipeline integrity and inline inspection solutions will be investigated.

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