Reveal your pipeline DNA: Uncover Pipe Grade Uncertainties with ROMAT
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Thomas Eiken
Thomas Eiken, Werner Thale
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Regulatory initiatives in North America are requiring that pipelines are operated under consideration of the proper MAOP/MOP. A fundamental - but often missing - key parameter for the MAOP validation of pre-regulatory pipelines is SMYS, commonly expressed in terms of a pipe grade. Although being essential the pipeline integrity assessment, no economic and holistic approach for accurate measurements of the pipe grade was available until recently. ROSEN’s response to this missing link is RoMat PGS, an Eddy Current based ILI-service, especially developed for measuring the SMYS of each pipe joint in a line and, consequently, for determining the corresponding pipe grade. Besides the inline inspection process itself, this paper describes ROSEN’s RoMat PGS service in the context of determining pipe grade required for MAOP re-confirmation to fulfill the TVC requirements of US regulation. Furthermore, it is depicted how RoMat PGS is employed to verify and supplement pipe property and material records on a natural gas pipeline for MAOP re-confirmation. The realized discrepancy analysis between operator record and ILI followed a MAOP validation procedure that established Traceable, Verifiable and Complete records.

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