Challenges of Geotechnical Engineering Studies of Pipelines in the Gulf Of Mexico, New Challenges to Pipeline With High Temperature and High Pressure
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Mireles G M, Trejo N PC, Quej A LM
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Currently worldwide are adapting new technologies in exploration, sampling and laboratory tests on seafloor to implement them in the design of marine pipeline, derived from the problem of high temperature which is extracting oil or gas from underground and Sea. In Bay of Campeche, Mexico the situation is not different from the rest of the world, the deposits which for decades was extracting them crude production have declined, so has resorted to the operation of new production fields to greater water depths and supplemented in recovery from existing fields, this has led to find oil and gas at temperatures above 100 ° C, it is necessary to transport through pipelines. In this work were analyzed the types of sampling conducted on the seafloor located near the Bay of Campeche, Mexico. As well as requirements for the design of pipelines that transport crude oil or gas at high temperatures and high pressure (HT / HP).

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