Pipeline ROW & Geohazard Management for a Safe Operation of the 1,811 km TANAP Pipeline System
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Suleyman Suleymanov
Suleyman Suleymanov, Mustafa Mutlu, Hasan Huseyin Unal
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The TANAP pipeline system transports natural gas from the Georgia border interface with the South Caucasus Gas Pipeline (SCPX) traversing 1811.7 km across Turkey to the interface with the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) at the Greek border station. The primary objective of TANAP is to carry Natural Gas produced in Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz II field in the Caspian Sea in safe, reliable and efficient manner with no impact to environment, communities located around the route and the shareholders, which is directly dependent to assurance of the long-term integrity of the TANAP System.

Right of Way (ROW) corridor is defined as 16m width at which TANAP has right to use the property to install, inspect, repair, replace, operate and maintain the pipeline and the equipment that supports, controls and protects it. Therefore, any 3rd Party activities are legally prohibited inside ROW corridor that interfere with safe operation of the pipeline.

Risk based approach is crucial to establish the ROW and Geohazard inspection scheme. By using the semi-quantitative risk-based assessment, the main damage mechanisms on pipeline corridor are developed. To maintain safe and reliable operation, TANAP has robust and comprehensive ROW and Geohazard Management system by implementing the latest inspection methodologies and technologies.

Therefore, ROW & Geohazard Management system which includes the ROW Patrolling, Pipeline Monitoring through fiber optic cables, Land usage violations, third-party impact and Geohazard Monitoring (Landslides, Slope Erosions, River Crossings, Karst) were developed and executed successfully.

In light of above, various practical solutions and recommendations which are implemented by TANAP regarding to ROW and Geohazard management will be presented to manage the pipeline integrity so that the pipeline can safely be operated.

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