Crude Oil Pump Stations – Optimization CAPEX + OPEX
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Dr. Gerd Kloeppner
Gerd Kloeppner
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Actual market situation favors pipeline operators being able to optimize utilization of their assets without infringing pipeline integrity and complying with health, safety, and environmental constraints. Pump stations in crude oil and multi-product pipelines providing challenges, like • Complexity by number of devices and equipment to be installed in time • Equilibrating CAPEX vs. OPEX and efficient deployment of resources • Optimizing fuel/electricity consumptions and comply with shipper schedule Modularization of Crude Oil Pump Station introduces potentials for pump station engineering, endorses flexibility in design, scalability and evaluates pipeline operator’s benefits with respect to minimize project costs/time based on experiences for a realized use case. In order to comply with shipper schedule batch changes can occur several times per day. During product batch change centrifugal pump operation is disturbed by transients in fluid properties, like viscosities, densities, etc. and abnormal pressure and power surges are induced to pipeline and pump stations. Thus, pump station operator virtues are challenged, if just depending on common basic control loops installed. Advanced Batch Change Control describes a proof of concept how advanced process control can mitigate power and pressure surges and optimize operational objectives while maintaining operational constraints during crude oil batch changes. Tangible and intangible benefits for pipeline operators are evaluated and discussed.

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