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Title Presenter Company Conference
Case History in Optimization of Crude Oil Pumping Through an Accessed Point on a Strategic Pipeline Hesham A. M. Abdou Egypt Agiba Petroleum Company 10th Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Crude Oil Pump Stations – Optimization CAPEX + OPEX Dr. Gerd Kloeppner Germany Siemens 11th Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Energy efficiency improvement in pipeline transportation: focus on waste heat recovery, pumping and compression efficiency and site data management Filippo Cinelli United States GE Oil & Gas 7th Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Energy Recovery Station at Transalpine Pipeline (TAL): From a Vision to an innovative Crude Oil Pipeline Power Plant (Design – Construction – Operation) Markus Mühlmann Germany TAL Group 14th Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Ensuring safety of compressor and pump stations trough comprehensive robotic inspection of underground piping Sergio Porcellotti Italy Diakont 10th Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Four Ultra Large Surge Relief Systems for an Asian 40” Crude Oil Pipeline Project – A Case Study Trilochan Gupta India Cairn India Limited 8th Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Heavy Crude Oil Transfer Using Twin-Screw Pumps - Applications in Sudan and South America Dietrich Müller-Link Germany Joh. Heinr. Bornemann GmbH 4th Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Modularization and Standardization of Pump Station Design Carles Giro Germany ILF Consulting Engineers 10th Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Optimizing Transient Operation Dr. Rainer Kurz United States Solar Turbines 9th Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Reliability Centered Maintenance, Pump Stations Olympio De Castro Neto Brazil Petrobras Transporte S.A. - TRANSPETRO 7th Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
The Process Engineer’s Automated Workplace software as a tool for planning and monitoring energy efficiency of oil and petroleum products transportation Andrey V. Kudritsky Russia Pipeline Transport Institute (PTI LLC) 14th Pipeline Technology Conference 2019

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