Optimizing Transient Operation
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Dr. Rainer Kurz
Rainer Kurz, Robert C. White
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Many pipelines are not operated under steady state conditions. This is in particular true for pipelines that are highly integrated with other pipelines, or have many different feed or gas take-off points. In many cases, the demand changes frequently, and cannot always be planned with a long time horizon. In this study, a simplified transient pipeline model, together with a high fidelity model of a compressor installation and its control system are used to evaluate control strategies that can optimize the fuel consumption and reaction time in these transient situations. With this simple, yet realistic simulation model, the question for the most appropriate control schemes to affect changes in pipeline operation conditions is addressed. The numerical calculation provides results which are applicable to a large class of pipeline operating scenarios, where the task is to increase the station throughput as fast and efficient as possible. An example is presented, where the acceleration rate of the gas turbine is evaluated regarding fuel consumption and speed in situations were the pipeline has to be packed.

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