Digital solutions for gas turbines: the case for Dry Low Emissions Combustion System Auto-mapping for unmanned operations of LM2500s
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Giovanni Tonno
Giovanni Tonno, Gianni Bagni, Francesco Bardi, David Ghelardi
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Increasing challenges are being faced by the midstream industry. To name a few, strong seasonality in demand, difficult forecasting of operating conditions to deal with renewable energies spread, increasing public concern around infrastructures, swings in commodity prices and constant pressures on the return of capital. Consequently, industry Operators need to continuously reposition their business and utilize available technologies to balance among many trade-offs, yet providing highly reliable infrastructures, greener solutions, and low lifecycle costs.

Today’s midstream applications demand greater efficiency, availability and reliability.  From production plants to distribution points, midstream companies’ business success depends on uninterrupted product flow. In achieving that goal, there is a growing need to maximize productivity, safety and maintain top operational efficiency to protect the assets value and generate profits. Also, the asset's performance needs to be optimized while maintaining the highest environmental standards.

In the last decades, not many design features were available to the midstream players to respond to the above-mentioned challenges. Redundancy on equipment was most of the times the preferred solution, with the additional need to make adequate facility, inventories and skills available also in remote locations. Equipment were monitored locally and major operators were forced to bring OEM skills in house to support the installed fleet and keep it running in good conditions.

 The today trend towards digitalization is becoming stronger and disruptive in the Industrial IoT space (IIoT). Connectivity infrastructures and computational power have reached unprecedent levels opening scenarios which were precluded by technology limits. Cloud-based technology and the digital twin concept offer now the opportunity to simplify operation, reduce maintenance cost and increase machines reliability and availability.

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