Environmental Impact

Title Presenter Company Country Conference Year
Large-scale pipeline environmental testing for Hydrocarbon Leak detection using WrapSense Rodrigo Rueda TWI United Kingdom Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
NovaLT12 Hydrogen fuel capabilities Dr. Marco Tarenzi Snam Italy Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Experience on using Acoustic Leak Imaging (ALI) Technology on Compressor Stations and Pressure Reducing Stations Peter Mantel Distran Switzerland Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Corrosion-resistant plastic pipes with permeation barrier for safe transport of contaminated fluids from industrial processes or exploration Dr. Thorsten Späth egeplast international Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
SEEVE: a GIS tool to estimate earthworks in onshore pipeline projects Matteo Alesi Saipem Italy Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
A Comprehensive Quality Guideline for the Treatment of Unexploded Ordnance Encountered During Offshore Pipeline Construction Torsten Frey Leipzig University, IIRM Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Where offshore meets onshore: Trenchless solutions for pipeline landfalls Michael Lubberger Herrenknecht Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline PN 25 by means of trenchless technologies in the Czech Republic Robert Goletz Rädlinger Primus Line Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Digital solutions for gas turbines: the case for Dry Low Emissions Combustion System Auto-mapping for unmanned operations of LM2500s Giovanni Tonno Baker Hughes United States Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Geotechnical Monitoring Of Pipelines Located In Difficult Climatic Conditions Elizaveta Makarycheva Pipeline Transport Institute (PTI LLC) Russia Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Concept Of Designing Lightning Protection Systems In Hazardous Areas - Advantage Of 3D Planning Tools Manfred Kienlein DEHN Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Geohazard Challenges Facing Major Oil And Gas Pipelines In East And North Africa Dr. Prodromos Psarropoulos National Technical University of Athens Greece Pipeline Technology Conference 2018