Construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline PN 25 by means of trenchless technologies in the Czech Republic
Robert Goletz
Robert Goletz, Frantisek Humhal
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In 2017, Innogy Czech Republic searched for a trenchless technology for high-pressure pipelines for gas. After research on suitable techniques, Primus Line was invited to present at the headquarter in Prague.

Innogy was informed about the self-supporting construction, the feasibility of long installations and the bendability of the system. Manufactured in Germany and certified by the DVGW, Primus Line has numerous references for the rehabilitation of gas pipelines in Germany, e.g. for EON or Open Grid.

After the meeting, Innogy requested a variant comparison with costs for the installation of different Primus Liners. The pipe DN 250 PN 25, length 1,600 m is located at Adamov. After assessing the variant study, Innogy decided to install the Primus Liner DN 150.

Primus Line created a quotation based on a detailed construction schedule. Together with Innogy, Primus Line instructed a Czech constructor in CCTV and pipe cleaning. Employees of the constructor were certified from Primus Line at the headquarter in Germany.

The Technical Inspection Authority Czech Republic was involved, too. Under supervision of the authority, the liner system was installed and tested. The Primus Line project in Adamov is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic.

The host pipe is located in a forest area which is difficult to access. Large parts of the pipeline were laid between a narrow forestry path and a river. Furthermore, a section of approx. 400 m in length was built into a steep wooded area that is not accessible. Preparing the installation of the Primus Line system, the constructor created access points to the pipe, laid a bypass and cleaned the pipeline. The installation of the Primus Line System was accomplished in three weeks. After the pressure test and the acceptance by the Technical Authority, the renovated pipeline was handed over to Innogy.

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