SEEVE: a GIS tool to estimate earthworks in onshore pipeline projects
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Matteo Alesi
Dr. Matteo Alesi
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Earthworks optimization along an onshore pipeline Right of Way can have significant impact on total project cost. SEEVE (Saipem Early Earth Volumes Estimation) is an in house tool of Saipem specifically designed to support pipeliners in determining cut and fill material to be moved along the Right of Way. SEEVE, which is a tool fully integrated in ESRI GIS software, overcomes the limitations of commercial CAD softwares have in managing big digital terrain models (DTMs). SEEVE algorithm develops the cross sections method, which is universally recognized as the method to be adopted in cut and fill volumes calculation. Physically SEEVE is a set of tools whose outputs are reports, cross sections maps and Google Earth files. All these outputs constitute a very complete set of information which can help engineers not only to estimate earth volumes, but also to asses and optimize Right of Way footprint and its interactions with existing or planned services.. SEEVE can be used in all the phases of a project from the bid to the feasibility study to the detailed engineering.

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