Flanged Flow-Through guide bars Proposal for Non-Hot Tap Branches
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Muhammed Asharaf Thazhe Veleri
Bader A Al Hammadi, Muhammed Asharaf Thazhe Veleri
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For any Piggable pipelines, there is a mandatory requirement for installing TEE JOINT WITH GUIDE BARS to have smooth crossing of the pig element at the branch locations. This is applicable for all media pipelines. The present technology available internationally is the use of special flanges named as “Flow-Through Guid bar wiht LOCK-O-Ring” Mechanism. This is used for split Tees and other flanges used for Hot Tap requirements, but  installed during shut down also. Unfortunately, this mechanism has inherent problems and it seriously affects the reliability and corrosion protection of the assets, if it is not well maintained as per manufactuer specific instructions. Hence, it is recommended to use only when hot tapping is mandatory, being no other alternatives. The paper is a case study and details the description of the execution strategies adopted and the issues faced during that execution. Moreover, it will also detail an innovative idea of making a new type of guide bar with a flange having gasket serration/ring joint grooves on both sides. The major disadvantages of the present “Flow-Through Lock-O-Ring” mechanism is that, the complicated ring holding screw mechanism is prone to leakage during the commissioning frequently and even during the service and the non-metallic parts gets damaged during the flange welding while the plugs are there on the flange. The proposed innovation in brief is the guide bar having a design with a guide bars with extra-protruded pipe spool  with a standard sandwich flange suitable to go in between the two standard flanges and the rest of the flanges are normal standard. The design has inherent advantage of no leak either during installation or during operation, since the installation is like a spacer inside two flanges, no need of welding/damaging the outside portion for the removal of guide bars for maintenance/inspections. 

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