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Title Presenter Conference year
Guided Waves Inspection with potential defect classification and sizing Dr. Slim Soua ptc 2024
Flanged Flow-Through guide bars Proposal for Non-Hot Tap Branches Muhammed Asharaf Thazhe Veleri ptc 2024
Utilization of Robotic Technology for Assessing Internal Pipeline Condition During Construction - An Optimized Inspection Approach Rakan Alshebel ptc 2023
Enhancing the Availability of Oil Network using Focused Reliability Assessment of Critical Valves Dr. Khalid Jabr ptc 2022
Risk Based Inspection of Khurais Fields' Flowlines Abdulla Hammraa ptc 2019
Scraper Door Integrity & Operations; A case study of Maintaining Integrity of Doors Khaled Al-Odaib ptc 2019
First Full-scale Deployment of Nonmetallic Piping in a Newly Developed Oil Field Increment at Saudi Aramco Abdulelah Almehlisi ptc 2018
An Investigation Into How To Optimize The Effect Of Drag Reducing Agents On The Flowrate And Pressure In Single Phase Fluid Pipelines Ahmad Mamoun Y. Naffa'a ptc 2018
Material Cost Savings from Pipeline Wall Thickness Optimization—Design Case Ahmad M. Saif ptc 2016
Pipeline Management System Badr AlHussain ptc 2016
Non-Intrusive Technology for Pipelines Leak Detection Pablo D. Genta ptc 2014
Utilizing Risk Ranking to Prioritize Pipeline Integrity Management Activities Noraswad Bin Mohamad Daud ptc 2014
Pipelines Leak Detection System Philosophies and Implementation Osama M. Al-Johi ptc 2014
Example of the Effect of Sudden Overpressure in Piping System Ahmed R. AlMutairi ptc 2013
Pipelines Integrity Management Plans: an Initiative toward Collaboratively Managing Pipelines Integrity Yaser S. Al-Qahtani ptc 2013
Real Time Transient Modeling for Pipeline Safety and Integrity Management Pablo D. Genta ptc 2012
Saudi Aramco’s Proactive Approach to Identify Stress Corrosion Cracking Using Latest EMAT Inspection Technology Abdulwahab Qahtani ptc 2011
Improving Safety in Oil and Gas Pipelines and Offshore Project Using Wireless Sensors Networks Ahmed Jammam Al-Ghamdi ptc 2010
Black Powder Phenomenon in Gas Transmission Pipelines MuhammadAli Trabulsi ptc 2007