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Badr AlHussain
Badr M. AlHussain
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The Khurais Arabian Light (AL) Crude Increment Project will install facilities to enable the production capacity of an additional 300,000 barrels per day of stabilized AL crude oil. The project’s scope includes a satellite gas-oil separation plant (GOSP) facility in the vicinity of the Abu Jifan and Mazalij fields southwest of Khurais, along with three trunk line sections — 7 km of 12 inch, 31 km of 16 inch and 24 km of 18 inch — and 90 km each of 16 inch and 26 inch gas transfer and wet crude transfer pipelines to the Khurais Central Processing Facility (KhCPF). The existing trunk lines and off plot facilities have experienced severe corrosion in the past. Unlike the conventional Leak Detection System (LDS) for gas pipelines or single phase pipelines, it was a challenge for the project team to find available technologies that can provide LDS for such multiphase pipelines, knowing this is not common practice and then to identify and select the most suitable for the Pipeline Management System for leak detection. The identified system will address a four-mode leak detection applications encompassing: (a) the detection of very small temperature changes, (b) changes in pressure wave, (c) orifice noise, and (d) ground movement, along with condition monitoring, as well as a valve and fiber break detection. The system will provide an enhanced solution for the pipeline operations by timely identification of the leak location and cause, where the exact event coordinate will be displaced on a geographical map on the operator’s console. Moreover, it will enhance the operational safety by minimizing the pipeline operator’s frequent patrolling trips. In addition, the system will offer an additional feature of scraper tracking based on the acoustic waves generated by the movement of the scraper. This will help identify the scraper’s current position, estimated arrival time and velocity profile.

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