Title Presenter Company Conference
A Comprehensive View on Information Management During the Life Cycle of Pipeline Assets Karim Elhanafi Austria ms.GIS Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
A Practical Example of Implementing a GIS-based Pipeline Management System Magnus Achtermann Germany ONTRAS Gastransport Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
Benchmarking Oil and Gas Pipeline Operations Roger Holden United Kingdom Solomon Associates Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Deepwater NDT Technology for pipes and tubular structures Dr. Yoann Lage United Kingdom TWI Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
GRP Pipe Systems - Chemical Resistance Measured over 28 Years Högni Jónsson Norway Flowtite Technology - Amiantit Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Identification of Potential Savings and Rehabilitation Measures in the Application of a Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) Christian Veenker Germany Dr.-Ing. Veenker Ingenieurges. Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
New Technologies Data Management - VintriPLANT & Shawcor Case Study Neil Uppal United States Shawcor Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Operational Transparency, Business Excellence and KPI Management Sanjeev Sinha Germany Siemens Energy Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Pipeline Integrated Management Systems - An Integrated Model Dr. Malcolm Toft United Kingdom Penspen Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Pipeline Management System Badr AlHussain Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Protecting Pipeline Management System Investment Martin te Lintelo Japan Yokogawa Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Reasons to implement an enterprise Work Management solution for proving auditing acceptability Jens Focke Germany Geomagic Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Reserves, Resources and Availability of Energy Resources - Recent Situation and Perspective Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Kümpel Germany Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
The Application of Internet and Mobile Technologies to New Pipeline Construction Management Abhay Chand India Petro IT Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
The Virtual Pipeline - Pipeline Management in the 21st Century Andrew Wilde United Kingdom ADVANTICA Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
Using or Creating Incident Databases for Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines Dr. Achim Hilgenstock Germany E.ON Ruhrgas AG Pipeline Technology Conference 2007

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